Speaking Spanish when traveling


Speaking Spanish when traveling


If you consider yourself a traveller who loves Spanish culture, we will help you learn Spanish in Spain, which will open a world of unique experiences that you would never have imagined. That’s why, in this blog post, we’ll help you so that you can speak Spanish when traveling.

Speaking Spanish when traveling

Studying Spanish, means the possibility of being able to communicate with more than 550 million persons people, since it’s the official language of 25 countries.


Learning a language to communicate with the native speakers is fun and useful. Whether you travel to Spain with friends for a few days or for business, there’s nothing better than saying a few words in Spanish.


We’ll provide you with some tips to use in your trips:

  • Greetings and farewells

To greet when you enter somewhere or meet someone would be «¡Hola!» and «¡Adiós!» if we want to say goodbye.


To greet in a more general way we can use: «¡Buenos días!”, «¡Buenas tardes!», «¡Buenas noches!»

  • Thanks and apologies

Spanish expressions that foreigners can use to thank and apologize are: «¡Muchas gracias!» and the answer would be: «De nada.»


To be polite when asking for anything, use the word «por favor» and, if you use when you need any kind of help, no one can tell you no.


When you need to pass by, but there’s someone who is in the middle of your way, or if you want that someone helps you and you don’t know how to make them pay attention to you,  «Perdón» is the keyword to solve any of these situations.

  • Useful expressions, verbs and words on the plane or airport

Let’s look at some travel vocabulary on the plane and useful Spanish phrases when traveling:


– «Facturar el equipaje» is checking in your baggage into the airplane.

– «Aterrizar» refers to the landing of the airplane in our destination.


At each airport, you’ll find an information panel announcing flights that are going to arrive or have already arrived and those that are going to leave soon: «Vuelos de salida/Vuelos de llegada».


«Tarjeta de embarque» is the boarding card you get to enter the plane.

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  • Phrases about suitcases

“Quiero facturar esta maleta”, when you want to check-in your luggage on the plane.

– “Mi equipaje no ha salido en la cinta transportadora”, when you can’t unfortunately find your suitcase on the conveyor belt.


  • Phrases for hotel rooms

“Tengo una reserva a nombre de…”. This phrase is used when you’re at the reception of your hotel, and you want to confirm that you have a reservation.

«No tengo reserva», if, on the contrary, you don’t have a room reserved.

“¿Cuál es el número de mi habitación?”. It could also be useful to know what’s your room number.

  • Useful phrases to ask in the city

Some useful phrases would be: “Perdone. ¿Puede ayudarme?”.

I you’re lost or if you want to ask for an address, you can say, “¿Cómo puedo llegar a esta dirección?”




In this blog post, we’ve talked about how to speak Spanish when travelling, so, no you’re ready to travel!


You should know that when travelling, to speak the language of the country you’re visiting can be one of the funniest adventures, and now you have expressions and words that you can use.


Spanish is a beautiful language and easy to learn. Furthermore, there’re many interesting countries that you can explore during your vacation.


If you want to do it in an easy, dynamic and fast way, then ¡Vale! Language School is the right place. We have many language courses for all levels and all ages.


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